Job production and small to medium series of core-intensive products!

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Welcome to Focast Lüneburg!

The foundry was founded in 1840 and has been part of the Belgian OGEPAR Group since 2018. FOCAST Lüneburg specialises in small to medium batch sizes of highly technical and core-intensive castings made of GJL, GJS and ADI. Since our foundation, generations of foundrymen have developed a globally recognised expertise in the production of complex castings. New job offers at FOCAST Lüneburg!

Our core expertise

FOCAST Lüneburg is specialized in casting small series of products in the range of a few kg up to 6 ton. We have 3 moulding lines:

  • semi-automatic line: from a few kg to 150 kg
  • semi-automatic line: from 100 to 350 kg
  • hand moulding: up to 6 000 kg

The batch size can range from 1 to 200 pieces.
For larger batch sizes, our sister companies Focast Saint-Dizier (up to 400 kg) and Luitpoldhütte (up to 900 kg) are better equipped.